All information contained in the Good Beach Guide is published by the Marine Conservation Society - Overross House, Ross Park, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, HR9 7US tel. 01989 566 017 info@mcsuk.org. Any individual acting upon information contained in this Guide does so entirely at their own risk.

MCS does not accept any responsibility for any individual visiting or bathing at beaches listed in the Good Beach Guide.

All information supplied by third parties to MCS for publication in the Good Beach Guide is solely the responsibility of those parties.

Our Privacy Policy and Terms can be viewed here.

Information relating to personal safety and risk is assessed by the appropriate authority and/or statutory governing body for the public and beach owners to act on accordingly. MCS has no input to information relating to personal safety or risk assessments, nor do we review its appropriateness.

The standards depicting water quality at all beaches refers to water quality sample taken during the previous bathing season, and applies to normal bathing conditions.

Bathers swim entirely at their own risk. Please note: Storms, floods and heavy rain can lead to short term water pollution. Please remember to be safe by the coast, read the Beach safety guidelines on each of the beach detail pages.

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